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Ammunition is an essential elements of your shooting experience. Without it, all you have is impressive, non functional hardware. The type of ammo you choose varies by what firearm you own, and for what function you will use it. Our store offers top level rifle, shot shell, center fire handgun and rim fire ammunition.

Here is a short list of our top brands:

• Remington
• Winchester
• Federal
• Weatherby
• Seller & Belliot
• Amscor
• Hornady
• Corbon

There are many different types of ammunition for civilians, many more for our armed forces. Each style has unique effects, and it is important to understand those before you make your choice.

Frangible bullets (like buckshot) shatter into many small pieces upon impact with the target. Therefore, the damage in near the surface of the target, and penetration is limited. This is the safest bullet type to choose for use in populated areas because the risk of ricochet is reduced.

Non expanding bullets (round point) keep their shape as they penetrate and pass through the target. This is one of the deepest penetration types of ammunition because the top does not expand. This design means that the wound channel will be much narrower than an expanding or frangible bullet. The damage will also be less than an expanding bullet.

Expanding bullets (hollow point and R.I.P) are designed to mushroom out as the bullet penetrates and passes into the target. This is the most numerous and effective type of bullet for hunting and self-defense. The depth of penetration of an expanding bullet could be measured in feet or inches depending on:

• How fast the bullet is traveling when connecting with the target.
• The bullet design.
• The bullet sectional density.
• The expansion medium the bullet connects with.

There have been horror stories of people trying to defend their homes by shooting an invader many times with non expanding bullets, and not having them taken down. Expansive ammunition is the number one choice because of this. Most of this type of ammunition is designed with a lead alloy core protected by a sheet of harder metal.

Ammunition manufacturers know the weights that hunters need to kill specific animals, and create the performance characteristics accordingly. These fine tune details are why helpful staff at Kenga Company LLC is so valuable. If you have questions call us today!